May 6, 2015

System Benefits

Eco-Safe Dustless Blasting System Benefits


Faster  ­  Eco-Safe Dustless Blasting can strip a full-size car in under 2 hours.  We have several videos of the system stripping the anti-fouling paint off of a 35′ Chris Craft including cleaning the props and shafts of heavy marine growth…in less than 3 hours.

Environmentally Safe    Our crushed glass is 100% recycled bottle glass diverted directly from landfills.  It is chemically inert and non-toxic and can be used around humans, animals and water.  The EPA likes it, OSHA, the Naval Sea Systems Command and virtually every paint and coating manufacturer in the US endorses it.

Minimal Dust  ­  The abrasive gets trapped in water and grounded, eliminating the dust clouds associated with sanding, grinding, sandblasting, etc.

Lower Abrasive Consumption  ­ Eco-Safe Dustless Blasting uses less media to do more work than sandblasting…and uses less water than hydro-blasting.  .

Abrasive Flexibility  ­ Eco-Safe Dustless Blasting can use almost any abrasive that sinks in water. Our preference is recycled bottle glass.  The EPA likes it; OSHA endorses it and we get it from the same factory that makes it for the military.

No Heat    Because of the high-pressure water the surface temperature is 10-15 degrees cooler than the air…unlike sandblasting which raises the surface temperature.

No Warping  ­  The water prevents friction and and heat which won’t warp thin metal like sandblasting will.

Safe for Workers  ­  Recycled bottle glass contains no free silica, the leading cause of silicosis.

Less Containment Needed  ­  In most cases, expensive, time consuming containment doesn’t need to be set up

Doesn’t Affect Nearby Workers  ­  Never sacrifice productivity, other workers can work nearby unaffected.

Leaves a Paint Ready Surface  ­ A smooth, uniform, consistent, paint-ready surface is the result of using the Eco-Safe Dustless Blasting system!


Eco-Safe Dustless Blasting

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