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Eco-Safe Dustless Blasting!

The cleanest, greenest, fastest and cheapest paint removal-surface preparation system in over 100 years! An American product made here in America!


The Eco-Safe Dustless Blasting System eliminates grinding, sanding, chipping, chemical strippers, etc! It will remove paint, varnish, gel coat, powder coating, rust and scale, epoxies, heavy marine growth, graffiti, tars, concrete, etc. . ..with no dust! The system will quickly clean or strip, boats, cars, planes, trucks, engines, machine parts, pipes, wood, concrete, fiberglass, fences, walls, sidewalks, pools, driveways, parking stripes, graffiti, painted brick, etc. The system leaves a ready-to-paint surface and does it with NO DUST


Eco-Safe Dustless Blasting uses recycled bottle glass which is on the EPA’s Procurement Guideline list for abrasives and is environmentally inert, recyclable and non-toxic. The system generates no heat and is safe for the operator, the environment, and the surface being cleaned. The method is endorsed by OSHA, the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command and virtually every coating and paint manufacturer in the United States.


Paint removal or surface preparation jobs that would take weeks or days with traditional methods, (grinding, sanding, stripping) can be done in days or hours with the Eco-Safe Dustless Blasting system.The Eco-Safe System gives any surface a more consistently smooth, uniform, professional finish. Our clients save literally thousands of dollars in time labor and materials!

Eco-Safe Dustless Blasting

What Is Dustless Blasting?
The No. 1 technology and environmental game changer to come along in over 100 years!

The Eco-Safe Dustless Blaster works by mixing water and abrasive inside the blast tank. By introducing water we’re drastically increasing the mass and energy the machine is generating. A high-pressure water mist encapsulates the recycled glass and the waste material and it falls to the ground eliminating dust. Imagine throwing a handful of dry sand, versus throwing a handful of wet sand; which one is going to have a more significant impact on the target? Not only will the wet sand hit the target harder, but it won’t disintegrate and become a cloud of dust like the dry sand will. This is the very simple principle behind Dustless Blasting.

  • The Eco-Safe Dustless Blaster can quickly strip bottom paint, gel coat, marine growth, rust, etc from fiberglass, steel and wood, Unlike inefficient and erratic grinding and sanding the Eco-Safe system leaves a smooth, consistent, uniform finish that's ready for paint! Less down time, use less gas or diesel; better coating adhesion, etc.

  • The Eco-Safe system will quickly strip pipes,floors, walls, containers, trucks, trailers, machinery while using less water and abrasive. No dust means less containment and others can work nearby not slowing productivity/

  • There simply is nothing faster in any industry for stripping cars, trucks, and parts. than the Eco-Safe system. No heat means no warping and thin metals can be stripped quickly, Bondo, epoxy, tar, rust etc. is no problem for Eco-Safe!

  • The Eco-Safe Dustless Blasting system will quickly clean and strip paint, graffiti, grease, grime, etc. from wood, stone, concrete and brick. Perfect for renewing wood fences and walls, stripping concrete and stone pools, sidewalks, decks, balconies. furniture etc.,

The Eco-Safe Dustless Blasting Team!

Changing 100 year old technology one mind at a time!

Eco-Safe Dustless Blasting

Eco-Safe Dustless Blasting is the oldest, locally owned and operated dustless blasting service in Key West. We are courteous and professional with a verifiable reputation for exceptional performance. Eco-Safe will quickly remove paint, varnish, gel coat, marine growth, epoxy, etc., from boats, cars, machinery, concrete, fiberglass. wood, etc. Our clients save literally thousands of dollars in time labor and materials! Call us! 305-918-2949


Yes…YOU! The point person on our mission The Eco-Safe Dustless Blasting system is a technological and environmental game changer. But we need help spreading the word. The next time you are standing in some unnamed large hardware store thinking about grinding, sanding, scraping, chipping, or chemically stripping something…Please remember that you can have it done faster, cleaner, greener and cheaper!
Changing everyones environmental mindset

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